Face Lift

Our editor-in-chief goes under the pen to try Mario Tricoci’s new RevitaPen Pro Dermal Infusion facial—and gets glowing.

By Elise Hofer Shaw

March 08, 2019 10:00 AM

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Noninvasive skin treatments that promise immediate results—plumper, firmer, instantly glowing skin—usually leave me leery. But the RevitaPen Pro Dermal Infusion facial at Mario Tricoci truly delivers. Here’s how it works: The sphere-shaped head of the RevitaPen Pro tool is about the size of a dime, and contains 100 teeny tiny micro-needles that, when pulsating, irrigate the surface of the face—with zero pain incurred!—to maximize the absorption of a bespoke, high-dose cocktail of cutting-edge Osmosis MD products that is tailored to your skin’s specific needs.

Technically (and categorically) speaking, it’s a clinical spa facial that boasts “complete rejuvenation through skin remodeling,” according to Mario Tricoci, the benefits being increased circulation and boosted immunity, and hydration without inflammation. And thanks to those micro-channels, the hyper-specialized active ingredients are driven deep into the skin for optimal restoration of collagen and elastin production. My customized products cocktail was Retinaldehyde-based (a new, up-and-coming form of Retinol that doesn’t cause inflammation to the skin) blended with an extra dose of hyaluronic acid and mandelic acid to hydrate and brighten skin tone.

From start to finish, the treatment takes about one hour and the recommended frequency is once a month. The best part? You get to walk out with an instant healthy glow, and your skin will continue to improve over the next 30 days. Pro tip: Schedule your RevitaPen Pro Dermal Infusion facial to take place one week before your next Botox appointment to optimize those results, too. 

$190 at Mario Tricoci Chicagoland locations, tricoci.com.

Osmosis MD products promote optimal restoration of collagen and elastin production.