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Vive Float Studio in Old Town revives Chicago’s wellness scene with treatments that deliver Zen while addressing weight loss and reversing the signs of aging.

By Karina Heinrich

Photos by LX MGMT

May 17, 2019 10:00 AM

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Passive wellness? According to Vive Float Studio in Old Town, it’s a thing. Just try to wrap your head around a 45-minute cardio workout that happens while you’re taking a nap, or burning 500-plus calories in three minutes while standing still. Or a 12-minute facial that leaves your skin instantly renewed and glowing… It’s all on the menu at Vive, the first national rest-and-recovery wellness center dedicated solely to mental and physical restoration. 

So take a deep breath and lean into the idea that less is the new more when it comes to wellness. Vive’s beautiful Old Town location boasts a host of all-natural, non-invasive, alternative resources—float, cryo, infrared sauna, vibroacoustic and halo/dry salt therapies—all delivered via the most advanced, state-of-the-art equipment out there. 

The full-body Cryo Machine, for example, offers a -321-below-zero experience for up to three minutes with the promise of shedding between 500-800 calories. Vive swears that the benefits of cryotherapy are immense and immediate: weight loss, muscle and joint pain relief, younger-looking skin, increased energy and improved sleep. Plus, it has the potential to speed up your metabolism if you add cryotherapy to your weekly fitness and wellness repertoire. 

Here are the other treatments I tried at Vive—and the beaucoup benefits to be had.

The 12-minute Cryo Facial is said to boost collagen production, decrease wrinkles and fine lines, help eliminate acne, decrease pore size and brighten dark spots. And no need to arrive makeup-free. In fact, Vive recommends this facial right before a big event to amplify skin glow. 

Vive’s next generation, personal Wave Float Rooms are the ultimate gravity- and sensory-free environment for chilling out and gaining clarity. While floating pure (zero sensory engagement) is the ultimate endgame, you’re in control and can determine if and when you’re ready to float without music or light. 

Then there’s Vive’s Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna, an experience that gives you all of the benefits of a 45-minute cardio workout all while doing, well, nothing. The sauna offers near, mid and far wavelengths (verses just far) with a variety of specific programs to maximize your personal goals. I chose the cardio option, but you can also pick detox, pain relief, relaxation or anti-aging. 

Last but not least, I tried Vive’s VibroAcoustic Sound Therapy treatment table (much like a waterbed) where sound/frequencies and vibrations bring the mind and body back into balance on a deep, cellular level. After a 45-minute rest in this ultra-relaxing environment, you’re bound to experience better sleep, fewer aches and pains, a reduction in blood pressure, an improved range of motion and a stimulating effect on the central nervous system. 

Vive Float Studio, 1523 N. Wells St., 2nd floor, 312.525.VIVE. For pricing and more information, visit vivefloatstudio.com.

Karina Heinrich, an international certified integrative nutritionist and accountability health coach, achieves unmatched success in helping clients reach optimal wellness and weight loss through her breakthrough nutrition movement The Karina Method. @thekarinamethod

Karina Heinrich getting the Cryo Facial
Plush logo robes at Vive Float Studio
A Wave Float Room at Vive in Old Town