Move It To Lose It

Barry's Bootcamp, Hollywood's chicest circuit-training workout, kicks butts in River North and Lincoln Park.

By Marissa Conrad

September 06, 2018 7:57 PM

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Treadmills are way more exciting—and effective—when you’re cranking them up to a 12-degree incline or sprinting so hard your heart is pounding like a high-schooler picking up a prom date. You’ll do both at Barry’s, giving the machine your all until it’s time to hit the floor, where you’ll grab a set of weights and do a variety of curls, presses, crunches, squats and lunges. Then treadmill again, then floor; pacing depends on the instructor, but most often you’ll do three floor sessions and three runs per 60-minute class. The hour of hard work flies by thanks to the variety—just when you think you can’t do another sprint, it’s floor time—and the music, a wonderfully high-energy mix of current pop hits and throwbacks, Britney and Backstreet Boys often included. Both Chicago studios—River North and Lincoln Park—have a smoothie stand called the Fuel Bar; order your protein shake before class and it will be waiting on the counter when you walk out.

Barry’s Bootcamp, 11 W. Erie St., 312.202.0840; and 1937 N. Halsted St., 773.857.0901