Pack and Play

Douchebags' latest collection has "beach vacation" written all over it.

By Elise Hofer Shaw

September 06, 2018 9:40 PM

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Face it, the snow is right around the corner. The upside is it’s time to plan some warm-weather getaways to get you through until March. If you’re like us, a pretty—and yes, functional, too—packing system is a must. Enter Db Equipment (a.k.a Douchebags), the award-winning travel gear brand with roots in the action sports community. The brand’s latest collection, Db x Janni, is more girly than the brand’s previous styles. Swedish designer and lifestyle blogger Janni Delér styled the line with PU leather in a light nude color with copper details, and welcomes two entirely new backpacks to the Db family: the Petite and Avenue backpacks. Bonus: When people stop you in the airport and ask you about where you got your cute bags, you get to say “Douchebags,” which is priceless in and unto itself. $179-$299.