So Fresh and So Clean

Fountain of Truth, the suite beauty offerings by E! News star and Chicagoan Giuliana Rancic, makes clean, high-performance skin care accessible to all.

By Karina Heinrich

Portrait by Alicia Fierro

July 12, 2019 10:00 AM

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When E! NewsGiuliana Rancic was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 36, she set out to find skin care products that were clean and free of harmful chemicals, but that also addressed concerns such as fine lines, skin texture, discoloration and age spots. What she discovered was that it was nearly impossible to find beauty essentials that were both clean and high-performance, let alone at a reasonable price point—so she created her own: Fountain of Truth, a suite of skin care and beauty offerings that are both good for your epidermis and good for your image. From the Youth in Hand Cream ($28), a triple emulsion formula with shea butter, coconut and macadamia oils, honey and jojoba, providing long-lasting hydration with a protective moisture barrier, to The Truth Insta-Face Elixir ($86), a lightweight potion that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, creating plumpness and volume, all are aimed at turning back the clock on a molecular level with pure and potent botanical ingredients. 

Here, Rancic shares what she covets from the line, her tried and true tips for beautiful skin, and some sage advice for those seeking a better-balanced life.

What one product from your line wows you? That’s a tough one because I use about six products from my line on any given day and the rest throughout the week. I would say The Truth Elixir is a must-have for me. I use it twice a day and have seen incredible results since I started using it last year. My skin has never been clearer, healthier and more luminous.

What beauty routine is never ever skipped? I always wash my face before bed. Like always.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? First thing I do is wash my face with my Take it Off Cleansing Balm, then I put two pumps of The Truth on my face and neck, and then I moisturize with Good Day Soufflé with SPF 15. That’s my morning beauty ritual. Then I have an oat milk latte. Can’t start my day without one. 

Who takes longer to get ready in your household? Me for sure but not by much. I am very fast in the morning. I don’t wear much makeup because my skin is finally so good and doesn’t need any coverage.

Name one thing that you can’t live without. That would have to be two things: my husband and my son. 

Everyone should own… A photo album they update every year with photos taken from their phone. We take so many pictures but they all live on our phones. It’s nice to print them out and keep them in albums to show friends and family when they come over. 

What is the most elegant gift to give or to receive? Love. 

Food you always carry in your purse? Some sort of a healthy fruit-and-nut bar.

Favorite workout? Hiking. 

Guilty pleasure? Dessert every single night. 

Place you go for utter peace? On a hike with my husband to chat about life. 

Name your top three vacation must-haves? My G by Giuliana duster cardigan—I travel with three of the fun prints—sunscreen and my favorite Chanel rubber sandals. 

What is on your bucket list? I don’t have one. As long as I wake up happy and go to bed happy, my life is fulfilled. 

Describe your line in three words? Clean, high-performance skincare. 

Giuliana Rancic, the creator of Fountain of Truth