Sparkle and Posh

Lana Jewelry designer Lana Bramlette takes us on a tour of her fashion-forward home in Lincoln Park—and models some of the season’s chicest looks.

By Allison Duncan

Photos by Anthony Tahlier

March 13, 2019 2:00 PM

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Lana Jewelry’s trademark slogan turned brand philosophy, “Luck n’ Love,” permeates everything they do, from beautiful 14K gold hoop earrings and chain-link bracelets to pretty necklaces and diamond-studded rings. “After all,” says founder Lana Bramlette, “the company was started on a little bit of luck and a whole lot of love.” 

Here’s how the story goes: Bramlette and her husband, Rob, met 17 years ago on a blind date, moved in together a week later, and have been inseparable ever since. “He was cleared by the Secret Service because he used to work for a vice president,” laughs Bramlette. “That’s how I justified us moving in together so quickly and how I sold him to my parents. He was already vetted by the best!”

Crazy in love, definitely, but they weren’t quite ready to get engaged. However, Bramlette wanted the world to know she was off the market, so she designed and created a nameplate necklace inscribed with Rob’s name and paired it with a hanging heart on a single chain that she could proudly (and publicly) wear. Keep in mind that the year was 2002, and that nameplate necklaces were all the rage courtesy of small-screen style icon Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw on HBO’s Sex and the City, who donned her now famous “Carrie” necklace for multiple episodes, singlehandedly bringing back yellow gold and launching the trend into the stratosphere. 

Lana Bramlette at her home in Lincoln Park. On Lana: Dress, $2,895, by Monique Lhuillier at Neiman Marcus Michigan Avenue. Shoes, $925, by Giuseppe Zanotti at Jewelry by Lana Jewelry.

It didn’t take long before family, friends and even strangers all were requesting their own versions of Bramlette’s love necklace, so Rob encouraged her to start taking private orders and, after seeing that she was on to something, to take her fledgling line to Los Angeles.

“He told me, ‘You’re going to walk into Fred Segal and pitch your line,’” says Bramlette. “I told him, ‘Nobody does this,’ and we argued in the parking lot. But Rob has always been the person who’s like, ‘I don’t care how it was done yesterday, we’re going to do it this way today.’”

The rest, as they say, is high-fashion accessories history. Today, Bramlette’s fine jewelry collections are carried at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom, just to name a few of her myriad retail locations ( And it’s Bramlette’s background as a designer that has brought everything full circle in the form of the couple’s latest passion project: the redesign of their family home in Lincoln Park.

Pieces from Lana Jewelry’s spring/summer 2019 Casino collection: 14K gold Royale hoops, Royale bangles, Liquid Gold chains and Nude chains, $1,800-$8,320, all at

Like her jewelry, Bramlette knew she wanted the setting to be bright and simple with a Miami vibe—Lana’s favorite place to escape and design—so that the furniture and accessories could shine centerstage like a flawless diamond on a solitary gold band. Architecturally speaking, the home’s lines are contemporary, with white walls and white marble throughout providing a clean canvas for her decor. The kitchen, for example, Bramlette’s favorite room in the house, is floor-to-ceiling marble.

“I love marble, and through the entire design process, my biggest fight with Rob was about how much marble we brought in,” says Bramlette. “My husband was 100 percent against it, but I always win. It’s not practical, but it’s beautiful. I get kind of crazy when anyone touches my island, though, so I don’t recommend it because you’ll piss people off.”

Bramlette avoided another argument by having the entire house painted while Rob was out of town. She chose a shimmering white with hints of glitter. The painters, who are friends of Rob’s, asked if he knew about it, and Bramlette confirmed that he did. “No, he didn’t,” she laughs now. And as you walk throughout the house, the walls do indeed seem to sparkle, an effect that complements the custom glass staircase and balcony off of the living room.

For the living room, Lana chose oversize couches from Room & Board, accent pillows by Missoni for pops of color, and coordinating white marble tables that she custom designed herself. Candles by L’Objet. Art: Lana Jewelry ad for Neiman Marcus enlarged by iCanvas.

The abundance of glass, Bramlette acknowledges, isn’t super-practical for children—the couple has a 9-year-old daughter named Blake—or for pets. In fact, as a puppy, their Golden Retriever, Rebel, slammed right into their glass partitions more than once. But the home’s basement is where the family can let loose and, according to Bramlette, looks like “an L.O.L. Surprise! factory exploded down there.” But because Blake is following in her mother’s entrepreneurial footsteps—she designs Lana Girl, the kids line of fine jewelry for Lana Jewelry, and has her own YouTube channel devoted to reviewing her toys—she lets it slide.

But don’t expect to see family photos peppered throughout the house. While they do display a lot of photography—mostly celebrity fashion and rock ’n’ roll-themed pieces sourced from Sonic Prints and Getty Images—Bramlette purposely chose pieces that reflect who the family is without invading their privacy. “I don’t see the point in looking at pictures of myself or of my family when we’re literally looking at each other all the time,” explains Bramlette. “I also don’t want everyone who comes to my house to be staring at my heritage. The photography we do display speaks to both my husband and I, and to Blake, in a cool, more conceptual way.”

There’s a stunning photograph in the dining room of Lauren Hutton wearing a dress by Halston because the designer is a major source of inspiration for Bramlette. Next to it is a shot of a race car driver yelling. In his spare time, Rob is a semi-professional race car driver, so the juxtaposition is, in Bramlette’s artful way, a perfect representation of their personalities and proclivities. In the living room, an advertisement Lana Jewelry created for Neiman Marcus is blown up to epic proportions, showcasing one of the brand’s best-selling collections of all-time, the Gloss collection. There’s also a pink neon sign of the Luck n’ Love slogan on a wall in the dining room that reflects onto the Swarovski crystals of an opulent chandelier. 

A bold blue couch from ModShop, Los Angeles, and pillows and blankets by Missoni make for a cozy nook in the living room. Marble trays/accessories from Houzz. Art: Framed fashion and music photography from Sonic Prints and Getty Images.

“Everything in the house is a reminder of what my family has built together,” says Bramlette. “It’s a global brand that was started from scratch by two people who fell in love. But I also like to look at pretty things at all times, otherwise I get a bit depressed.”

Said pretty things include a modular tufted royal blue sectional in the family room from ModShop in Los Angeles that’s covered with a rainbow of Missoni pillows—“I definitely have a Missoni pillow problem. It’s become an addiction,” laughs Bramlette—an impressive collection of coffee table tomes from Assouline and Taschen, high-back royal blue velvet chairs in the kitchen, and marble trays she scored from Houzz.

“You can always look perfect in a pair of jeans, a black tee and booties, but once you start adding jewelry, that’s when you’re differentiating yourself,” says Bramlette. “It’s the same in a home: The accessories are the stars.”

Styling: Marta Cebrat/Distinct Artists

Makeup: Shannon O’Brien

Hair: Gia Tovar

On Lana: Dress, $3,700, by Halpern at Shoes, $960, by Alexander McQueen at Nordstrom stores. Jewelry by Lana Jewelry. Art: Framed photography from Sonic Prints and Getty Images.
The marble-clad kitchen, custom-designed by Lana and her husband Rob Bramlette, boasts bar stools from Houzz and top-of-the-line appliances from Abt and Grand Appliance.
Fashion books by Assouline and decorative accessories from Houzz.
For the family’s dining room, Lana opted for glam in the form of a Schonbek chandelier and a custom neon sign illuminating the Lana Jewelry slogan: “Luck N’ Love.”